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Version 2.2.1Edit

New core feature:

  • All Railgun module's can be anchored to the top right corner of the browser
  • The anchored module will scroll with the window

New Railgun module: Quicksearch

  • Highlight text anywhere on the page and search for it
  • Can be used to search youtube, google, wikipedia, etc.

Bugs fixed

  • Wikia's "Popular Blog Posts" module is now recognized by Railgun
  • Fixed a bug where Railgun wouldn't load on Special:WikiActivity

Version 2.2.0Edit

New feature: Module Manager

  • Located at bottom of the siderail
  • Install and uninstall modules
  • Sort modules on the siderail

Friend's List module

  • Moved icon from masthead to module
  • Changed storage structure


  • Config options can now given in RailgunConfig
    • type into the console for more info
  • API located in Railgun namespace
    • type Railgun.api(); into the console
  • Documentation improved
  • Backend code structuring changes

Version 2.1.1Edit

  • Tweaked server API
  • Fixed a few small back-end bugs

Version 2.1.0Edit

  • Switched to JSDoc comments for building documentation

Version 2.0.3Edit

  • Tweaked Friend's List module
  • Refactored server/client interactions

Version 2.0.2Edit

  • ShowHideSiderail namespace added

Version 2.0.1Edit

  • Friend's List module introduced

Version 2.0.0Edit

  • Redesigned from the ground up with Storage namespace