This page describes one or more aspects related to the development of the Railgun script. Developers may find this content helpful, but it may not be very interesting to the average end-user of the script.
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This page presents a light conceptual overview for how to develop a module for Railgun. If you're a JavaScript developer interested in joining the project, or just writing a module for your own personal use, please read through this page and then start the very short tutorial by following the navigation template below.

What is Railgun?Edit

Railgun is a user script intended for inclusion in w:Special:MyPage/global.js over on Community Central—that way it will be available across all Wikia wikis. Its goal is to provide users with customized modules on the siderail which may do any number of things: aid with navigation, editing, provide entertainment, etc.

What is a module?Edit

Recent wiki activity sample 1

Simply put, it's a visible component of the siderail. For example, the Recent Wiki Activity module is one that you're probably familiar with. The quintessential goal of Railgun is basically just to add custom, user-defined modules to the siderail.

How do you make a module?Edit

Railgun provides a basic framework that simplifies the process of creating and inserting modules into the siderail. For JavaScript coders, Railgun's API can be leveraged to quickly create a cool new module.

Anything else I need to know?Edit

Well, you can't build a module with Railgun's API if you don't have Railgun installed. Please see the Installation page for more details, as you're probably going to want some special configuration options that most users don't have enabled.

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